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"Nature is not a place to visit! It is a home. We can have no life without water, air, soil and plants"
We enjoyed this nature.......our future generation too have the right!!

We are the proud partners to "Save earth movement "Our vision and mission is for soil health, water conservation, residue free food
grains, vegetables and fruits. Yes we are for safer personal care and home care products too...

Research Technologies and Development

DSCiGN Biosys has developed and standardized a set of assay methods and provide the service for it.
Service can be offered as per the sample quantity and request through mail or phone.


DSCiGN Biosys’s R&D division has developed and market the Organic Agri Inputs in order to save the plants from various biotic & abiotic stresses. The development of organic products is to save our livelihood from the hazardous toxic chemicals.  If you wish to  protect your plant, then use our unique R&D formulation.

Institutional Programs

DSCiGN Biosys Group attaches great importance to the Research, Service & Technology of its team of professionals, and has forged valuable partnerships with prestigious academic and training institutions.